Friday, August 22, 2008

the Ups and the downs

On a positive note:
Manda started school yesterday, she had a great first day and as expected with her class load, had about 2.5 hours of homework last night. She likes all her teachers and has quite a few really nice kids in her classes.

On a not so positive note:
One of her classes does have two students who have given her a really hard time in the past, but she is cautiously optimistic that the students in question have matured over time and will just leave her alone. That, or they won't consider her worthy of their time. Either way, she just doesn't want to be harassed by them and intends to mind her own business and avoid any contact with them.

On a positive note:
We watched the Woman's Olympic Diving last night. Talk about amazing atheletes! I don't know much about diving, but I know amazing dives when I see them. Last night watching the Olympians compete was a wonderful way to spend quality time with my family, while sitting on the floor with my mouth hanging open. Their strength and grace and focus as each competitor took a rotation on the board was speech depriving. I had tears in my eyes for the entire time we watched.

Of course part of that emotionalism is from watching the US's diving team caption, Laura Wilkensen complete her final 5 international competition dives. Her team was so wonderful giving her their full support and respect. Laura is what I consider to be a true competitor. She gave everything she had to give, was gracious, and seemed to be honestly supportive of the competition around her, even seeming to be pleased for the other divers who did better than she had last night. She may not have earn a medal last night, be she is golden in my eyes.

On a not so positive note:
I was so keyed up from the competition that my mind could not shut down last night. I just could not get to sleep no matter what I tried. So today, I am much more tired than I should be.

On a positive note:
Amanda continues to do well with her driving lessons and is enjoying driving to school in the mornings. We've decided that the bus loading and unloading area is still the best place to drop her off in the mornings, it's closer to her class room out in the back 40.

On not so positive notes:
There were abortion pro life protestors outside of Manda's school today. I believe everyone has the right to an opinion, and I have my own thoughts and opinions on abortion. (see my earlier blog on abortion) However, do the protestors really believe that the students arriving at 7:15 am are really even paying attention to life around them? I don't think so. For the most part the kids are probably trying to figure out where they are going to park; where their friends are; if they have all the stuff they need; what is for lunch; and where the best party will be this weekend.

And, there was a MAJOR accident at Douglas and Santa Clara Drive this morning. I don't know what happened, but there were at least 3 cars (most of them SUV's) involved and none of them looked like they would ever be driven again. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

Happy Friday. Be safe, and take a moment to tell those that you love how much you appreciate them.

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