Monday, August 13, 2012

In Your Freedom I will live!

Small change; HUGE step of Faith

Sometimes you just have to step out in faith and go for a change. This was my weekend to do so and I embraced the change in a seemingly small way; but it was a HUGE step of faith for me.

My mom, brother Randy and myself. Dark brown hair; layers.

My Russell and I on our wedding day. Dark brown hair; subtle highlights; layers.

Amanda, Jill and Me. Amanda's graduation.
Dark brown hair,subtle highlights and layers

Carly's home coming day! March 16.
Dark brown hair; layers and blonde highlights.

August 11
BOLD! Mahogany Cinnamon; I've still got my layers!

Friday, August 3, 2012

If you REALLY knew me ......

You would know that:

1) I am really shy and tend to think that people don't like me.
Maybe that stems from being the over-weight girl in elementary school who was made fun of on a daily basis. Or maybe it is just because I lack confidence. For a brief period in life I felt confident until I heard a close friend telling another that she only pretended to like me because her parents did and they felt I was a good influence on her.  Both girls laughed and continued to make snide comments about me and I have carried that shattered feeling into adulthood. (So, maybe I'm not really an adult yet.) Facebook, Twitter and Blogging allow me to reach out and interact with people without letting my shyness get in the way.

2) For all my bluster and gruff I really am not as confident as I pretend to be.
I hide my self conscious self and lack of confidence behind a smile and sterness. I know that I am not pretty or of a weight that is acceptible to society. But, I do love people and strive to make others as happy as I can no matter what.

3) I am terrified of the dark; and afraid of what lurks in the shadows.
Everything about the dark scares me. I have horrendous nightmares if I sleep too deeply and can't separate them from reality when I first wake. I dream that people have invaded my home and compromised the safety of my family and our precious cats and dog. Sleeping leaves me vulnerable and unfortunately; it has turned me into an insomniac.

4) I wanted to play girls softball or volleyball; but never did.
My brother Randy is exceptionally athletic and sports came easy to him. He has an innate grace and skill with just about any sport (especially tennis and baseball.) I'm eight years younger, left handed and not naturally prone to sports. My mom and brother teased me about being so inept at sports and did everything they could to discourage me from trying to join any type of a team. I think they were trying to protect me from failure and being teased.

5) Until I was almost 30 I thought I did not have a creative bone in my body and never had a hobby.
Then I went to a Creative Memories Home Show and learned how to use triangles and page borders and adhesive to make a really cool visual story of our snapshots. I was HOOKED!!! From that moment on I fell in love with paper crafts. I love scrapping and stamping and feel very passionate about the freedom and energy I get from allowing my mind to create and enjoy!

6) I like to cook & am not afraid to grab random ingredients from the pantry & see what is cooking.
I've tried to instill this same spirit in my daughter. Cooking is fun! Whether you create a gourmet meal or a meal that hits the trash is all about enjoying life. Cooking is creative and calls to my creative soul.

7) I adore black male cats.
Yup! I was 5 when I got my first black male cat. His name was Shadow and he was my shadow. We were best friends for ever and ever. When I was young I could dress him in my doll's clothes and put him in the buggy. I could carry him like a baby, or have him chase a foil ball. This cat was amazing. Full of love and snuggles. He slept with me every night and purred me to sleep. I was 15 1/2 when I had to have him put to sleep. I mourned him like crazy. Since Shadow I have never been without a black male cat. They own me.

8) I met my husband when he came to the rescue of a friend who locked her keys in the car.
My husband drives for AAA. He is such a cutie! He has the most amazing blue eyes and a wonderful laugh. We went on our 1st date in November of 89 and were married in September of 90. I love him!

9) We wanted 3 children; but have been blessed with 1 amazing daughter that we love!
I have PCOS and was told the chances of getting pregnant were less than 1 in a million. Oh how that destroyed me. While still trying to come to terms with that heart shattering news; I discovered that I was pregnant!!!! Whooooop whoooooppp!!!!! Oh yeah!!!! Amanda is now 19 and she is the proof that God blesses our lives. Yes HE does!!!

10) I love to read; play with our Beagle and hate walking in bare feet. Random I know. But all true.
My closet reading passion is Harlequin romances. My great grand-mother, grand mother and mom have always read them and their covers always intrigued me. Reading them seems natural. I only read happy stuff.  I like clean humor, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Amish stories, stories about animals and love, and blogs. Blogs fascinateme and teach me. My mind is happy learning from others. Happiness is a theme. Yes - I do prefer to live in a rose colored world of happiness.

Our Beagle is a gift from God. Carly enriches our life and draws our family together. We play with her, train her, love her and enjoy every moment with her. She is a delight to be around. Her energy is contagious. Her brown eyes reflect joy, and her desire to explore every nook and cranny of the world around her. She loves bugs, rugs, toys, tree bark, chew toys and her family. We love her.

Shoes and socks were made for a reason. Why? Because I can't stand bare feet. Don't know why. But I always wear socks and shoes. Always.

So, what would I know about you if I really knew YOU?