Thursday, August 7, 2008

Migraine Misery

Ugh! Yesterday was one of those days that I would not want to live again if given the chance.

I suffer from migraines. I get them in all degrees from minor to the very severe. Usually I can pinpoint what triggers them, but once in a while one sneaks up and kicks me.

Luckily for me, I had Manda with me at work yesterday afternoon. I had woken with a trace of the horrible beast of a migraine trying to work its way to the surface, but I thought I would be able to conquer it. I was wrong, and finally had to just give in, have Manda drive me home and ice me. No, not take me out. Just ice my neck and shoulders. It really does help. Then I took a sudafed and an Excedrin migraine and slept for about an hour. Life became do-able after that.

Do-able but not migraine free. I can still feel it behind my eye --- just enough to remind me who is in control (and it is not me at the moment) I think the weather is getting ready to change, and I have PMS which most certainly does not help. But - I don't really think this one is weather induced. I have a bit of a head cold - so between the pressure from the head cold and this danged migraine.... I feel like my head resembles a balloon and with a simple, sharp flick of a pin it could just POP!

Oh well, there are worse things in life to deal with.

Happy Thursday

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