Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loving being Carly the Cutie's mom!

I can not say enough about how much we are enjoying Carly! She really is a cutie and we love her with all of our hearts. Carly has brought our lil family even closer together. 

She fits in perfectly and has even gotten to know the cats. Harley doesn't mind Carly too much and they will both take naps in my lap at the same time. Seriously melts my heart. Harvest is not so sure she likes Carly, but she has not tried to beat up the puppy so I think we are okay. Tiger .... he loves being in the garage and not dealing with ANY of them.

I do have to say it is a good thing that Carly is as wonderful and as loved as she is. Last night she reminded us that sleepless nights are not just for infants and toddlers; but for 9 and 1/2 week old puppies, too.

Here is a cute video of precious Carly being too cute!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Carly the Cutie is HERE!!!!! Oh my goodness we adore her so very much. I'd blog more about her; but (a) life with a puppy is hectically hilarious and I just don't have time at the moment; and (b) life with a puppy is satisfyingly exhausting and I can barely spell let alone tell you all the details of sweet Carly.

Lets just say that I (we!) adore her and if there was any doubt in my mind about her it completely vanished at the airport when I saw her cuteness as she was energetically prancing in her crate waiting to be held by us. ADORABLE!

Here are a few pictures of our beagle baby:

Do I drink from the purple bowl; or swin in it?

Puppy LOVE! A lil snuggle time.
Oh! Mommy loves you Carly the Cutie!

I am one SUPER cute puppy!

What?? You lookin at me? yes, I am cute!