Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday ....

Weekends .... go so fast! And this one was no exception.

Friday night Russell was tired, hot and cranky from working long hours in the hot sun all week. He didn't feel like grocery shopping or cooking, and really wanted to have his favorite food of all time for dinner: pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and onions. (So not my favorite!) But, being the good wife that I try to be we went to Round Table in Granite Bay and had pizza and salad, sharing laughter and just relaxing. I have to say we did have a great time even if our pizza was just ok.

Russells pizza was fine, the crust was a little stiff, but it had a good flavor. Manda and I ordered a spinach and mushroom pizza, and ours was over-cooked and under sauced, with a stiff, bland crust. But we ate it. It was better as left overs last night in scrambled eggs.

Saturday was hot and lazy. We did laundry and hung around the house. Manda started her homework. We went to Olive Garden for their once a year Never Ending Pasta bowls and endless salad. Of course, Manda and I always manage to eat at least two bowls of their salad. It's always fresh, cold and crisp and Saturday was no exception.

After Olive Garden we let Manda drive from the Galleria in Roseville to Northgate Blvd and back home. It was a great freeway run for her, the longest yet and she did wonderful. She kept up with the flow of traffic and never showed signs of too much nervousness.

The we had to go school supply shopping:

Notebooks - 1, 3 and 5 subjects
Folders - at least one for each class
Binders - at least one for each class
loose leaf binder paper - 6 packs
7mm Mechanical pencils
tabbed dividers - 5 sets

UGH! That was not "easy" or cheap. It was a quick $75.00 and we still need to get graph paper.

Sunday was spent at the dance studio where Manda participated in the annual dance a thon.
This year only 4 girls participated. The girls danced until their bodies were craving both food, and rest.

Hope your weekend was good, now get to work!

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