Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who says you can't have breakfast for dinner?

Last night Manda was working on homework, and I was cleaning up around the house, playing with the cat, and just doing those everyday, normal, boring routine things in life that have to be done. Russ was working and had no idea when he'd be home. (Par for the course!)

After I had picked Manda up from school we shared a small turkey sandwich from Togo's. So not my favorite place to eat any more. That would be Lenny's Sub Shop. However, Lenny's Sub Shop was too far away and we didn't really have enough time to drive over there and still get Amanda to dance on time. So, we settled for Togo's and satisfied our hunger.

By 7:30 neither of us was really hungry for a meal, having eaten a late lunch. So we decided on scrambled eggs for dinner. YUM!!!! I love scrambled eggs, their fluffy goodness just seems to be a comfort food that does not leave me feeling like I have eaten too much. We just had basic scrambled eggs: eggs, pepper and a bit of salt. It was just enough food to satisfy us.

Sometimes we'll add things into the egg mixture. Things like left overs or fresh veggies. Some of our favorite things to cook our scrambled eggs into are:

left over pizza or bread sticks
left over fried rice
left over broccoli and beef
left over orange chicken
ham, onions and cheese
tomatoes and avocado
fresh spinach
chicken and spinach and onions

Okay - now that I am hungry, I'll go eat my boring breakfast bar.

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