Monday, August 4, 2008


Maybe I am becoming old and jaded, but what is it about Disneyland that entices families to make yearly trips there? Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a great trip to see the most famous mouse on the planet, but I do not have to go yearly.

Before Amanda was in the third grade and we were treated to a wonderful trip to Disneyland and California Adventure by Drew and Jill, I had not been to the theme park since I was a teen in high school. I went with my Rainbow assembly as part of Grand Assembly, and that trip while fun; was no where near as memorable as the trip that my family was gifted with.

Every moment of that trip was fun and filled with laughter and wonderful family moments that are a very special part of our memories. I took enough photos to fill an entire scrapbook. And I still love to look at each photo and remember each moment. That trip was everything a family trip is supposed to be ~ wonderful!

Since the trip that Russ, Manda and I completely enjoyed as a family, I have been back several times. Manda is a dancer, and these trips are part of a dance experience weekend. I consider the trip to be a "working" trip and not "fun." Not at all. It's hurry up and wait, and watch the kids perform and not at all about enjoyment.

Russ hates these trips: 6 hour drive to Anaheim, the cost of the hotels and food, the tickets to the park, the fluster and bluster of making sure Manda is ready to perform (hair and makeup perfect) standing in line, walking to and from the hotel, waiting for the daily schedule of events to take place, hurrying up to hurry up and wait.

It's that time of the year where we need to decide on the trip ~ to go or not.....

I say, NOT!

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