Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's get BLOG!

It is the new year; and once again I find myself ready to be an active participant in my own life. What?!? You are probably wondering what the crazy meaning is behind that statement. Well, in the process of living life in 2013 I kind of left a piece (okay, several pieces) of myself behind. I stopped blogging. I stopped creating hand stamped cards. I stopped taking the dogs to playgroups and/or training and I stopped noticing that I wasn't fulfilling my personal needs. I was letting the changes and challenges of life restrict me rather than challenging the changes and restrictions to make me grow and learn and reach for a healthy balance. It is time to move forward and live my life.

I am social. I am fascinated by people, places and creating/doing/helping to accomplish things that I enjoy. I adore being involved at Bayside: serving creates a special warmth that connects me to other servants of Christ who are fulfilled through service and agape love. I adore being a part of a Small Group for Women's Bible Study. I adore meeting and interacting with others. I grow and learn and become a more balanced Christian through healthy fellowship. My family thrives when I thrive and stay committed.

I am creative. Whether I am writing, cooking, stamping, taking pictures, or organizing a space for better usage I fully appreciate the colors, textures, scents and visual balance that indulging my creative side releases. I'll admit that messes, failures and errors happen along the way. I think that allows learning, growth and laughter. Creativity lends to socialization. I need to reach out to my stamping friends and reconnect. I've missed them.

We are a Beagle family. Beagles require training and a high level of activity. With Eleza Kerfoot of Paws in Progress we each get respectful, intelligent, motivational ~ much needed training and education. Dog training is not just teaching a dog how to sit. Training is about creating a family that includes our dogs. Training includes exercise for both humans and canines. Our pups adore training exercises and we've failed at keeping them on track. That is not okay. Our Carly and Cannon are sweet, intelligent and fun. They love interaction with humans and canines. Carly loves Agility. Cannon loves to play and run. I miss our training family.

I'm ready to live my life. I realize my budget is way different than it used to be. I've let that control what I do instead of controlling my budget to live a balanced life that is full of enjoyment. I'm tired of migraines and more importantly  I'm tired of fighting minor depression that I hide behind a smile and laughter.  Yes! I am happy. Yes! I am blessed and grateful. I'm also human and need to live as an active participant in my life.

Join me on my journey!