Friday, August 8, 2008

Yes, I allowed it!

Yes, I allowed it to happen.

I allowed Amanda change her decision and be released from her commitment to the Dance Company. I have to admit this was a very emotional decision for me. Manda has been dancing on a dance Company since she was 9. Company is an all encompassing dance which is taken to competitions and performances as a production number. These numbers are 7 - 9 minutes long, have great music, lots of costume changes, props and sets, and require lots of hard work and dedication on the part of the Company members, instructors and directors, parents and family.

Amanda's dance company experiences have been wonderful. With the exception of the year from HELL! And, all of the dances (except for Singing in the Rain) have been so much fun to watch evolve into a polished production that takes the stage by storm.

With the exception of the one year in Hell, Manda has always danced for Carrie and Lisa whom she loves. Don't get me wrong, she liked Apryl from Perpetual Motion, but Apryl was a great teacher and a wonderful dancer. As a business owner, she was off beat and out of step. If if had not be for the wonderful and exceptionally talented Erin Goodrich, we would have abandoned that sinking ship almost from the moment it sprung a leak. But I digress.

Amanda has enjoyed being a part of a wonderful team of talented dancers in:

Welcome to the Jungle
(Carrie On Dance Company, Carrie's Studio of Dance)

Singing in the Rain
(the year from HELL!)
(the Motion Dancers, Perpetual Motion)

Moulin Rouge
Wipe Out
High School Home Coming
On the Radio
(The Company Dance AllStars, Cast and Company Dance Alliance)

Manda will still be proudly dancing for Cast and Company Dance Alliance, and she will still be on the Elite Tap Company under the direction of Lisa Clement (who is one awesome choreographer!)

Amanda is not closing the door on re-joining for the Company in the future she is just taking a break, adjusting to becoming more involved as a Viking at OHS, and enjoying the extra curricular activities which are an important part of being a teen. She wants to participate actively with Mock Trial, Teens for Humanity and the Juvenile Court program of Placer County.

In the mean time, you'll still be able to hear the tapping of her happy feet!

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