Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am not sure where exactly Tuesday went, but it did. Hard to believe the first of July has come and gone.

Manda ran her first STOP sign yesterday. "Hello!!!!!!! Did you not see that big red sign with the white letters?????" I made her turn around and go back through the same intersection several times after that. Then a little while later, we witnessed a close call when another car ran a red light at Douglas and Harding. Luckily the car in front of us had the fore-sight to wait a second before she started moving forward. As it was, the driver of the silver compact narrowly missed the front end of the red mini-Cooper. I do have to say that it really made Manda sit up and take notice. Manda is doing very well driving. Her confidence is getting better everyday.

Why do people resist change and complain about the changes that are made? California was a state on whine overload yesterday...... The hands-free cell phone law became enforceable on July 1. We have known it was coming for the past 18 months. It's not like it popped out like a jack in the box to surprise us.

Bluetooth people. Safety first. I love the new law especially the part of it which prohibits drivers under the age of 18 from using their cell phones while driving, even with a hand free device. Having a new driver in the family, I can tell you, I don't want her on her cell phone while she is navigating the craziness of traffic.

I have been driving her car this week. It is equipped with SYNC by microsoft. Its like being inside of your bluetooth. And, then I don't have to have my ear piece. But, when I drive my car, I have been using my bluetooth for more than a year now. Its almost second nature.

Happy Wednesday!

Thought for the day ~

Embrace change, you may learn a new lesson!

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