Thursday, July 10, 2008

My mind is a blank ..

Not having slept well last night, I am finding that my mind seems to be set on "slow" or stuck in "park."

Oh, that helped!

Last night Manda and I were going out to a friend's house. Our friends were away for the evening visiting family in the Bay Area, and didn't take their dogs with them. You have to know that the dogs are loved as much as their human children. The eldest dog is (we think) a 13 year old English Mastiff. She came to their family 8 years ago from a Mastiff rescue program. She is totally adorable, but showing signs of her age. The younger dog is an absolutely adorable yellow lab pup who is not quite a year old. Both dogs are very well mannered, and love to be with people.

So, after work, Manda drove me out to the river so we could go and play with the dogs for awhile. We took the back way, heading out Baseline Road which turns into Riago Road and crosses the freeway before connecting to PowerLine Road which runs parallel to the airport.

This is our favorite way to go out to Jill's. Amanda likes to watch the planes as they taxi the runways, take off or land. It's a peaceful drive, not congested like the freeway even though the road reminds me of a two-laned highway since the speed limit is 55.

Manda did really well keeping up with the flow of traffic and maintaining control over my car.

The dogs were excited to see us, Marina was all smiles and had to bring us all of the toys from her toy box to play with. Gracie as usual, just loves me cuz' I spoil her and give her treats. Manda, the dogs and I shared a picnic dinner on the deck, relaxed and had a great evening.

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