Thursday, July 24, 2008

driven by Manda

This is our princess. She is not one of those "mean girls" nor is she perfect. She just makes our lives perfectly happy. Amanda is just a great kid to be around, and I am so thankful she is our daughter. She makes me laugh and smile, she keeps me on my toes and makes those every day details of life seem special.

Manda is learning to drive. Her high school had a GSSR class which was part of the freshman curriculum. She finished up GSSR in mid-May just about the time she was officially 15 1/2. On May 22, she obtained her permit. Driving has taken on a whole new excitement in our house. After all, our permitted driver needs as much experience as she can get before she is allowed to get behind the wheel and drive off by herself the first time. So right now, Manda drives us everywhere.

She is doing very well driving. Much better than I even expected her to do. Her first freeway lesson is still several weeks away, but we fully believe in making certain she is as prepared as possible, so on Saturday morning while the traffic was still moderate, we let her drive to Penryn. Then I let her drive on the freeway on Tuesday night. Granted, it was only from one exit to the next, but ~ it was still on the freeway after 9pm.

Yesterday afternoon we practiced "merging." The Kaiser Hospital on Douglas Boulevard in Roseville is a great area to practice since it sits on one square block. Manda can just drive endlessly around the block making repetitive right hand turns.

With her busy schedule of school, after school activities and her passion and need to dance I am looking forward to her being able to drive herself to dance this year. That will give her a great sense of pride, responsibility, confidence and maturity.

Of course, being a sophomore in high school on a campus where parking is at a premium, she won't be able to drive her car to school at all this year. She'll still have to walk home. Then she can get into her car, and drive.

Speaking of dance, Amanda dances for Cast and Company Dance Alliance.

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