Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Moans

So I have to admit I had a pretty great weekend. The fourth was relaxing and fun. We did not do fireworks at all: too dry, and the fire risk way too high. Instead we made a small donation to the local fireworks booth we normally buy our fireworks from.

We did bbq, and have a wonderful dinner and lots of laughter. And, really isn't that what a holiday is really all about? Sharing quality time with your family?

So it's Monday and I thought I would moan about a few items. No details, just a list of stuff that makes me crazy:

1) not enough sleep
2) snoring
3) nocturnal playtime (the cats!)
4) selfishness
5) the cost of fuel
6) the price of groceries
7) being told what to do by someone who has "no clue"
8) being tired
9) raging hormones
10) boredom

Whine session over.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

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