Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy New Year

Seems like a strange title for the end of July, but all the same, it's very appropriate. Today marks the start of the new year. Manda started back to school today, and dance is having their "Open House" to kick off the new dance season. Dance operates on a school year calendar also.

My life does revolve more around the school year/ dance calendar than a fiscal one. From the end of July to the middle of June our schedule is set in motion by what time Manda has to be on campus every morning, what time she gets out of school, and where she has to be after school.
A typical day starts at 5 am. We leave the house no later than 7:15 am and frequently do not arrive back home until 9 pm.

Manda is a part of the freshman orientation and intervention program this year; and today is the first of 14 days she'll be spending on campus helping to provide motivation to the incoming freshman class. Last year, Manda was one of the students who participated in the program as an incoming lower class student. She didn't need the intervention, she just needed to have confidence in herself as a high school student on the "big campus."

I love the routine and order of her schedule! For those few weeks that she is not active with school and dance, I find it hard to get up and get moving in the morning, and much like my teen ~ I would prefer to sleep in and take my own sweet time getting ready for my day. It is not unusual for me to (finally!) arrive at work around 9 :15 on those mornings, but today it was easy to arrive in while the morning was still peaceful and new. I logged into my work station at 7:12 this morning.

Happy New Year!!

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