Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Monday! WHOOPS! make that Tuesday!

Gosh, I love having an extra day off, but I always get confused when Monday falls on Tuesday.

Busy weekend:

Friday night ~ grocery shopping and school supplies. Ended up at the Walmart Super Center in Citrus Heights so we could do it all in one stop. The store was hot, crowded and full of rude people.

Saturday ~ Manda went to Teen Peer Court Attorney training in Newcastle. Had to be there by 10:00 am and was not done until 3:00 pm. She had a blast and was already assigned her first case to defend. (even though she would much rather prosecute!)

After I dropped Manda off in Newcastle (well, technically she dropped herself off) Russ and I shared a quiet morning at home. We watched a little tv (boring) then worked in the garage and played with Kodi.

Russ drove to Newcastle and picked Manda up; she drove home. Did most of her homework and then we watched "College Road Trip" and "27 Dresses."

Sunday ~ Manda worked on an Honors English project. Took her most of the day to complete. Mr. Wallace is not an easy teacher. But, Manda likes him and is determined to earn a decent grade in his class. Her project was on "The Chosen." It turned out great.

I puttered in the scrapbook room, finally managed to get it cleaned up. It was a disaster zone!
I had 10 stamp sets which had not been assembled. Those are all done. The dust was piled way too high, but its all gone now, and I vacuumed the curtain. Next, I really need to tackle the closet. But seriously, that is a project all in and of itself ...... YUCK!

Monday ~ worked in my closet in the master bedroom. I am totally out of space in there. Need to really go through each and every box, piece of clothing and costume bag and see if there are items that could be used productively, or repackaged for posterity in a better way. I seriously have 10 years of Manda's dance costumes stored in my closet.

Manda drove to Sarah and Jeff's off of Madison and Hackmore. Did a great job with the Madison Avenue traffic and handled the freeway pretty well too. A bit slow on the trip to Sarah's but much better on the way home.

I can tell the weather is starting to change and get a little cooler at night. Harley slept snuggled as close as he could get last night, and then moved to the top of my pillow and slept stretched across my head. Silly boy!

Off I go ~~~~ billing and payroll today!

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