Monday, September 15, 2008


I have this REALLY wonderful, REALLY AWESOME, completely, totally TALENTED warm hearted friend who I have to THANK from the BOTTOM of my HEART for making Russell's and my anniversary so SWEET!

CARMEN and COLIN ~ You are amazing!!!!! Thank you from the very bottom of Russ' and my heart.

Carmen, the box you gave Russ to share with me is EXTREMELY adorable! I will get pictures of it and post them here and on SU4Me. I have not stopped looking at it, opening it, looking at each piece of paper, placing the top back on it, and starting the whole process over again since Russ gave it to me at midnight last night.

The box is deliciously beautiful!

Colin, Thank YOU for being the delivery person and helping Russ.

I so appreciate BOTH of you!

Thank you!

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