Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am so bummed ...

.... and actually bummed does not even begin to cover it!

Yesterday morning, the prong on my eternity ring broke and I lost the top center diamond.
I have looked, searched, looked and searched until I can no longer search. I am heartbroken!

My wedding set is a three piece set that means the world to me. There is nothing flashy, or ostentatious about it, and I am sure many people would think I am upset over nothing. But, Russ gave me each piece with love and that means the entire world to me.

My engagement ring is a beautiful marquis cut blue topaz set into a v - shaped 14k ring. On each side of the topaz are 3 tiny diamonds. I love this ring the very most. It is not a traditional engagement ring, but I like to think that it shows that our love is true blue. Russ gave it to me on my 23rd birthday (after we had only been dating for 4 months) and told me he hoped that our future would be never ending. He hoped that I would always love the simple person he is. And I do!

My wedding band is a very simple, very old fashioned 14k band. I love that it is just this very traditional gold band. When he placed it on my finger during our ceremony, I felt like a bride, shy, loved and cherished ~ branded by the wedding band my husband placed on my finger. I know, that is slightly barbaric in my thought process, but I do belong to my husband. I am his wife; his partner in life and his to love, forever.

When Manda was born two years later, Russell gave me my eternity band. It has marquis cut diamonds in a raised setting and is delicate and sweet, just like my engagement ring. We placed the eternity band between my engagement ring and my wedding band as a symbol of our love for the daughter we had been blessed with. The three pieces are beautiful together and have created a look that is unique as each marriage is.

My wedding rings are a symbol of the three most important stages of our life together:

  • our belief that we loved each other and were fully committed after just 4 short months of knowing each other
  • our marriage just 10 short months after meeting
  • the birth of our miracle child whom we love

So, it'll be off to the jewellery store to have my eternity band fixed. My hand feels naked with out it.

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