Friday, September 12, 2008

It's ....... Friday!


This weekend is all about family and friends and enjoying life!

Samantha is arriving from Texas for her high school reunion and birthday celebration weekend!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo very, very, very excited (did I tell you that I am very excited??) to see her!

Not only is Samantha going to be in town, but as normal we have a busy weekend ahead:

1) Manda will be meeting with her defendant for Placer County Juvenile Teen Peer Court after school today. She has drafted a list of questions she needs answered so she can put together her defense. I stipulated that she must:

  1. meet the teen in a public place
  2. require that the teen's mother remain present during the meeting
  3. allow me to arrive at the meeting spot and sit a discreet distance from them

I know this is me just being overly protective, but the only thing I am allowed to know about the teen is that he has been in trouble with the juvenile courts; he has recently moved away from Placer County; he is approximately Amanda's age; and that Manda is his Defense Attorney for Teen Peer Court. Not alot to build trust with, but ~ okay.....

2) Did I mention that Samantha is going to be here from Texas??? Oh yeah!!!!!

3) Manda has a TON of homework this weekend, and a book to finish annotating.

4) I have two cards swaps to complete for SU4Me.

5) Samantha will be here!

6) Manda is babysitting on Saturday.

7) I am going to try to surprise my hubby and take him out to celebrate our 18th anniversary
which is on Monday. I love you Russ!

8) I have to clean house and get the laundry done. (YUCK!)

9) Samantha's birthday bash is on Sunday!

10) I need to make an anniversary card for my hubby.

11) Manda has to finally decide on what she is wearing for court on Tuesday. I have bought her a total of 3 new outfits, she just has to decide.... Not easy. She wants to look professional, but not stuffy and she wants to look like a teen with her act together ~ not a teen pretending to be an adult.

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