Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I scream! You scream ......

We all scream for Ice Cream!

I first remember seeing this little ditty painted on the wall of our neighborhood ice cream parlor. It's peppy little jingle has stuck with me since I was a little girl enjoying her bubble gum flavor ice cream. (Yuck! I can not even stand the SMELL of bubble gum flavored ice cream these days!)

Tonight however, that catchy tune is hopefully going to help my daughter's dance studio raise funds for their competition dancers. Fund raising is a never ending task, that requires determination, creativity and in many cases hard work. And, with this year's economy it will be even harder.

Leatherby's in Citrus Heights is going to host an ice cream night for our competition students this evening from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm!

The dancers from Cast and Company have been handing out fliers for several weeks, so hopefully this will not only be a fun filled yummy evening, but a productive one, too! The older dancers will actually even get to help seat customers, hand out menus and deliver water glasses to each table.

So this afternoon when you start thinking, "What's for dinner?" Why not check out Leatherby's and come have a delicious meal followed by one of their signature desserts?

P.S. I have to credit fundraising for my recent discovery of blogging. Having a competition dancer, and beign a part of the active parents who fund raise, I was searching for new fund raising ideas and came across the Team HolmRacing (a United States bobsledding team) fund raising promotion materials which lead me to investigate their website and of course their team blog ... and I've been "hooked" on blogging since.

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