Monday, September 22, 2008


So ~ I was not certain I was going to post this, ~ but really I have no choice. Gracie was put to rest on Friday evening. She was a great dog, and I will miss her always.

I can remember how and when she came to be a Pefferle dog. It was eight years ago on September 15. Drew and Jill took Moose to meet Gracie in Santa Rosa where Gracie was living in a Mastiff rescue center.

Moose and Gracie took to each other like a duck to water, or peanut butter and jelly. Those two loved each other instantly. Moose adored Gracie, and Gracie adored Moose.

Grace was a rag tag, under-weight flea infested mess when Drew and Jill brought her home. She was shy and lacked confidence. She would hide when people came into the office and drop her head if you spoke to her. She was used to being ignored by people. She had been fending for herself, and was used to sneaking food to survive. Apparently at one point before Mastiff rescue saved her she was stealing eggs from a near by farm.

Whe I met her, I thought she was one of the homliest creatures I had ever seen. Not only was she under-weight and flea infested, she was loosing hair from the flea infestation, her front teeth were damaged, and she was cross eyed. Yet, under of all that, she was adorable in her own way.

Within months of becoming a Pefferle dog and having regular food, fresh water, and a family to love her, Gracie started transforming. She was securely lock in all of our hearts, and she was beginning to seek out her humans for love. Within a year she has lost all of her former homliness and her adorable personality shined through like the most brilliant of diamonds.

Gracie provided love to each of us. She touched our hearts and our souls. Gracie has been reunited with her beloved Moose in Heaven.

Love you Gracie...


Jessica said...

She was such a great dog - I'll miss her.

(and I wasn't going to say anything since this was a solemn post, but I can't help myself... I have a horrible compulsion to edit everything I read - sorry! - but the date for Gracie's adoption is off by about 10 years; 1990 would have made her over 28 years old. Again, sorry to correct you, it's like English teacher's Tourette's Syndrome)

Robin L Greenslade said...


Thanks for catching that! My train of thought got crossed. I was going to explain that I will always remember the date because it was my 10th wedding anniversary, but then I deleted that whole part and forgot to edit my dates.