Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, Monday .... what can I say

I honestly believe that the weekends just seem to FLY right on by. Maybe it's because we try and pack so much into those 2 days off.

Friday after work I met my family at Olive Garden for a little salad, pasta and family time. It was a fun evening, our waitress was great and because the restaraunt was not packed, we took our time and just enjoyed our conversation and meals. Not only was dinner delicious, it was fun and relaxing.

After dinner I ran to Target and picked up those all important "things" like toothbrushes and bathsoap. Yeah, that was about the extent of my shopping. I think I found an outfit for Manda to wear for foray as a defense attorney at teen peer court. The verdict is still out.

Saturday we got up early (before 9 am on a Saturday is considered early in our household) and fixed breakfast. Cinnamon pancakes with freshly chopped apples on top. YUM! Then we fed Kodi her Satuday breakfast (she is our only four-legged family member that gets people food) and then just hung out all day long. Okay, well, that was the dream ~ to do nothing all day. But nothing turned out to be laundry and vacuuming the furniture, and dusting.

We did watch several movies together, including "Failure to Launch" with Sarah Jessica Parker (who is NOT and will NOT ever be my favorite actress.) In fact, I think I would have enjoyed the movie much more if Drew Barrymore, or Kate Hudson, or ANY one but SJP had had the female lead.

Manda dabbled with homework off and on all Saturday. Notice I say dabbled.

About 1pm on Sunday afternoon, Manda finally got serious about her homework, and then spent until 9pm actually getting it all done. She had projects in just about every subject ......

Okay, well my morning soda is just about gone, so I guess I need to focus and get back to being productive.

Happy Monday!

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