Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pitter Patter ....

I was woken by the pitter patter of tiny feet racing across the bed this morning ....

.... the cats were wide awake, bright eyed & ready for cat playtime well before the alarm went off at 5:00 a. m.

It's a good thing they are cute. Harvest is the 6 month old kitten, and she is an instigator. She loves to chase Harley and will do anything she can to get his full attention. This morning she was launching her little adorable torti self off of anything higher than Harley, and was attempting to land on top of him.

Harley (being the much older, more mature cat that he is) tried to ignore Harvest's somewhat annoying antics, but he finally had to admit defeat and engage in playtime with her. The two of them were racing throughout the house at full speed, pausing only long enough to shift their direction of travel, or play hide and seek - and then of course they would to pounce upon each other in a hilarious version of cat WWF.

I usually have to intervene when Harley makes Harvest cry out. But, honestly, Princess PITA - Lil Miss Harvest is THE instigator and she deserves to have Harley put her in her place. Harley is just so much bigger than her, I worry about Harley hurting her. However, when Harvest sneaks up on him, grabs his long black tail with both of her tiny front paws and bites him as hard as she can, she is on her own.

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