Monday, January 19, 2009

The missing piece ...

..... I spent the weekend rounding up old photos.

Like others, I want to be able to scan the photos and add a few choice ones to my facebook. This weekend I was able to locate most of my K - 6 grade class photos, but I am missing 5th grade.

I know that I went to the fifth grade, and I know that I attended John Cabrillo Elementary School. Can I tell you who my teacher was? No. Can I tell you anything about that year? No.

This disturbs me. If you know me; you know that I have a great gift: instant recall of most every fact of my life - and even those random things that everyone else forgets. Everyone has a gift, and each gift is a special treasure that helps define the person you are.

My gift is recall - I have a photographic memory with almost instant recall of names, faces, phone numbers, dates, times, seasons, conversations, what people wore, who they hung out with... I can usually recall it all.

But, fifth grade is a blank.

Once I post all the photos - maybe Andrea (or Shanon, or Tami) will be able fill in the blank for me. We went to school together. We may have even been in the same class together.

I do believe that 5th grade is the year that Leslie Schantz and her family returned to Sacramento from a mission in Indonesia. I didn't know Leslie before, but I remember her being the new girl at school, and being intrigued by her family. They lived just up the street from me, and she and I became friends. She was a really nice girl. I remember her family eventually moved to Woodland, and I went to her house several times, even spending the night.

Although I remember Leslie, I can not recall much more about 5th grade.

I hope I can fill that blank spot - I wonder what else I do not recall about that year? Is that the year I am thinking it was? The year I punished my dad and refused to speak with him?

Maybe that is why I don't have perfect recall - only pieces and parts, but not enough to really be of any substance.

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