Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas, Cousins and Twilight

On Wednesday night Manda and I are going to treat ourselves to seeing Twilight again! We are both so excited. We are going with Jessica and Casey after I get off of work.

It's nice to have the cousins interacting together again. Jessica is 9 years older than Manda, so it has been awhile since they have "hung out" together. Manda has always looked up to Jessica.

On Christmas Day after we opened presents at my mother - in - law's house we all went to Bob and Suzette's to enjoy family time and so that we could share the work and fun of getting the turkey in the oven. (Nothing says family like sharing the kitchen!)

Jessica and Casey had gotten their Wii for Christmas, and they invited Manda to join in the fun. Manda was thrilled to be included with them. She adores Jessica and Casey is a nice guy, with a warm and friendly personality (shhh... don't tell Jessica, but we think she and Casey are adorable together and hope he'll become an official part of the family in the not too distant future!)

Jessica had not had the time or energy to read Twilight yet. She received the entire series for Christmas and has been reading avidly trying to get through Twilight so she could see the epic theater release. So - she finished over the weekend, and we are all going to the movies.

I can't wait to see it again. Manda and I loved it the first time.

Here is a fun article I found about Twilight:

'Twilight': How Do You Like the Cast?

See the work that led Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and the others bringing Stephenie Meyer's characters to life to these roles; are they your choices?

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Jessica said...

So my sleep deprived brain thought "OMG, Robin and Amanda are coming to see me today?" and then I read the rest of the post *lol*

I'll have to come by the office sometime so you can see Penny - I don't know when that might be tho, we're having sleep issues lately and getting out of the house isn't easy...