Monday, January 12, 2009

I think I am getting old

.... or is it just that I am getting a cold?

I had so many plans for this weekend; and I managed not to get most of them done.

Friday night was fun, I was at Tina's house for GNO. We ate wonderful, warm and yummy taco soup, played bunco and laughed until our sides hurt.

Of course, I didn't tell anyone that as I was walking up her really dark driveway I tripped in one of those low, uneven and totally unseen spots that cause you to almost drop everything you have in your hands so you don't fall to the ground. Oh, yeah --- did I mention I was in heels as I practiced that klutz move of slightly spraining my ankle? Yeah. Nice.

I woke Saturday to a slight (barely noticeable) fever and sore throat. Hmmm... sore throat could be from all the laughter the night before, and leaving the heater running all night. Tends to dry me out like a stale piece of bread.

By Saturday afternoon I was sniffly and feeling stiff and sore all over. But, I figured that was from the cold air and lack of exercise, or maybe from my klutz move in Tina's driveway the night before.

Russ, Manda and I played Wii on Saturday night for a few hours. Manda is really good at tennis, she frequently beats Russ and I. About midnight I drank a warm cup of lemon and honey and went to bed.

Sunday I woke tired and restless, but felt better after a hot shower. I'll admit to using all the hot water in the tank. My sniffles are not as bad as they were on Saturday, but I still feel run down and stiff and sore.

Manda and I spent part of the afternoon relaxing with Marina and playing catch. Marina's parents and children were gone for the day, and Rini does not like to be home alone. That cute, totally sweet and cuddly yellow lab has me wrapped around her sweet lil tail. We must have played catch for 2 1/2 hours.

I didn't sleep well at all last night. My head is pounding (is it a full moon?) and I felt hot and restless all night. My throat is scratchy and dry.

Ugh ... hopefully this head ache and sore throat will go away. I have better things to do with my time than get sick.

Off to drink a ton of water and see if I can find a better attitude. I feel pretty whiny this morning.

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