Friday, October 24, 2008

What's for lunch?

Well, thanks to a timely phone call from Master ~ that was answered for me today.

"Hey Bob, can you get me some lunch, please?"

Master has been eating VERY healthy
and really watching his over-all physical well-being,
so instead of even thinking I could decide what to feed him today
(yes, I do know his preferences fairly well after 17 years,)
I thought it would be best to have him decide.

"Sure Master, anything in particular you want?"

"I could really go for a GYRO." (pronounced "YEE-ROH")

Hmmmm .... I am a food lover, and can usually figure out where to go to fully satisfy just about any type of request; but this one, well ~ it stumped me.

"Okay Master, where do I find you such a creature in Roseville?"

"There is a place called the Pita Pit over on Eureka, they have them."

"Okay cool, I'll get lunch!"

I logged onto Google to see if the Pita Pit had a web-site,
and being a savvy restaurant,
they do:

Mmmmmmmm .... just reading their menu online sold me, and then actually walking in the door of this little place made my mouth water. It smelled really good, and it was spotless (And let's face it, that is always a plus when dealing with food!)

I ordered each our GYRO's (with seasoned lamb and beef strips) on a wheat pita.

Masters' had shredded lettuce, red onions, green peppers, cucumbers, pickles, salt & pepper, cheddar cheese and a creamy cucumber sauce called Tzatziki.

Mine had hummus, avocado, shredded lettuce, romaine lettuce, fresh spinach, cucumbers, sprouts, feta cheese and the cool creamy cucumber sauce, Tzatziki.

While the really nice guy behind the counter was assembling my pita, he asked me if I really like hummus, and when I responded that I do, he asked if I had ever tried the babaganoush. I had not. So, he grabbed a few cucumbers and spread them with the babaganoush.

YUM!!!! I really like hummus, but the babaganoush which is made with an eggplant base is even more flavorful and yummy. I will definitely be having that on my pita the next time.

When my order was complete and wrapped, I thanked the staff and came back to the office. When I unpacked my order, there was a little side car of babganoush and a small stack of 10 cucumbers tucked in my carrier bag. How sweet was that?

My gyro pita was DEVINE! I ate every bite and did not have that over full, bloated, why did I eat every bite feeling.

Thanks, Master for creating a monster! I think I've just added a new favorite place to order lunches from.


Jessica said...

mmmm... Gryos... I have a recipe somewhere for homemade ones.

Have you ever been to Daphne's Greek Cafe? SO GOOD! I know of one in Natomas and Elk Grove, but I'm sure there are more - I could eat there at every meal and be completely happy :) I'm going to try and get the kids to try the food there - they're reluctant to try new things, but everyone likes Greek food! *lol*

So good to see you guys yesterday! Thanks again for the absolutely wonderful gift, those cards are so beautiful I don't want to give them away! :)

Robin L Greenslade said...

Yum! Daphne's --- I have seen that somewhere around here ..... I'll have to find one and try it.

I bet you can get the kids to try it, you just may have to bribe them.

I am so glad you loved the cards - go ahead and use them, I can make you more.