Monday, October 27, 2008

I am a "sucker"

.... Oh yeah ..... I caved!

Manda has been totally missing her beloved kitty Pebbles since she disappeared over a month ago. Pebs was a tortoiseshell with what we affectionately refer to as: "torti-tude." She was spunky and independent and full of sass and personality.

Manda and Russ had already been to the SPCA several times, but I firmly refused to go, and was stubbornly standing my ground about bringing a new feline fur member home -- "No!"

That was until we saw the Auburn Cat House advertisement in the newspapers this weekend. That is where we got Pebs from 8 years ago. It must have been "meant to be," as when we called they had a torti whom needed a home.

We talked about it as a family and decided to wait. That was until Grandma Irene called and wanted to know what Manda wanted for her upcoming sweet 16th birthday. Well ..... now that you ask, and I am not standing right in front of the child...

So, Russ went and picked up his mom and they drove to Auburn, where they picked out a totally adorable 4 month old tortoiseshell kitty.

Manda is in love with her new kitten ~ her name is Harvest and she is adorable!

Of course, I too, love the new kitty ~~ but Harley is still my boy. And, no matter what anyone thinks, I think HE is still "the" cat of the house. He is soooo cute, and so adorable and he has me wrapped around his sweet little whiskers.

Harley thinks that Harvest is smelly and tiny and annoying as all get out. Harvest thinks that Harley is a big bully and she just wants to sleep in his favorite spot and play. I think they will learn to get along.

Yesterday morning I found Harvest asleep on Manda's bed, and Harley keeping a close eye on the nearby bookshelf.

This morning, Harvest was still confined to the bathroom, and Harley was firmly holding court in the center of Manda's bed, looking quite content.

Of course, once Harvest was running free that chase was on. and Harley was determined to show Miss Harvest just who is the head cat of the household.

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