Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rain, Jury Duty and Pebbles

Yes, totally random items - Rain, Jury Duty and Pebbles. What do those 3 things have in common?


Well, it apparently rained a bit last night, just enough to dirty the cars that my hubby had washed over the weekend, but not enough that the streets were very damp this morning. Usually rain means a busy day for Russ behind the wheel and at the controls of his tow truck.

But apparently, it was here and gone in a blink of an eye and we must have slept through it.
Please, can we have more rain? Our entire region is facing a severe draught. We need rain.

Jury Duty

Russ has been on Jury Duty this week. So far he has just had to call all week. But, I think his number is up, and he is going to have to go today or tomorrow as a potential jury member. He is really upset by this. It is not that he does not want to do his civic duty, its just that when he sits still with nothing to do but listen to conversation he gets bored, and falls asleep. Not only that, he freely admits that his train of thought wanders to other things he'd rather be doing. And, there is also his concern that if he is not physically working, he won't earn his wages. And let's face it, in today's economy ~ that is just not what we need at this time.


Pebbles is our daughter's 8 year old tortoiseshell cat. She is big and fluffy and extremely beautiful. Her coat is a rich myriad of dark brown, warm golden brown, tan, orange, black, caramel and even a few follicles of white here and there. Her paws are all a deep rich cocoa color, and she has one of the most adorable "meows" when she is being nice and wants something.

Pebbles is not known for being nice. She is one of the most cantankerous cats I have ever been owned by. She hisses, spits, yells and screams in her native language of cat. If she wants something and her needs are not met at once, she stomps across the floor hissing and spitting fire as she goes. Sometimes if we reach out to pet her, she'll attempt to remove our fingers with her claws or teeth, other times she'll purr sweetly and rub up against you with affection.

Pebbles adores Manda and Manda adores Pebbles. Pebbles is Manda's "baby" and follows our daughter through out the house, sleeps with her, sits on the toilet while Manda is doing her hair for school .... lays across her homework, etc.

Pebbles is missing. She has been gone for a week, and we are upset and worried.


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

I hope Pebbles is back safe & sound soon, Hugs, Mel

Robin L Greenslade said...


Aren't you just the sweetest! Thanks for your wishes on Pebs ... we hope she comes home soon too.

Our daughter adores this cat.