Thursday, March 5, 2009


What do purple lions, pink elephants and green skies have to do with each other? And, more importantly, WHY were they in my dreams last night? Why did I have such a mryiad messed up mix of dreams last night? I even had the strangest dream about a former boy-friend. It was a very clean dream, but I kind of felt like he was trying to talk to me..... I guess I'll call his sister and see what is up.

I could understand the dreams if any of those "things" had remotely crossed my mind during the day, but they didn't. And, last night was one of those totally perfect nights when the t.v. never got turned on before I went to bed.

It is not like I ate dinner late, over ate before going to bed, or was over stimulated.

Manda and I shared an awesome chicken salad for dinner last night, nice and simple:
lettuce, carrots, advocado, and chicken with a balsamic vinegarret dressing. Tasty, simple and yummy.

I was in bed by 9pm.

By midnight I was restless and waking from strange dreams. I got up and drank a big glass of water, and went back to bed; only to continue to have these whacked out dreams that made no sense what so ever. None.

And, I can usually figure out dreams. Not these.

Oh well! Happy Thursday! Hope you are having a day full of love and happiness.

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