Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scrapbook room fun!

Last night after work, I ventured into the scrapbook room, where I fully intended to finish the cracked glass cards I had started on Monday. I cut all of the card stock, stamped all of my images and embossed and cracked the main image for all six cards on Monday with the help of Manda who was sweet and helped me by transferring the freshly embossed images to the freezer for quick cool downs.

So, there I was - sitting at my scrap table with the big, bright lamp illuminating my table and the blinds pulled up to allow the late afternoon sun into the room. Harley jumped up onto the table - he loves to lay on the table when the light is on. I can't blame him. It is a BIG, bright lamp, and it does create a circle of warmth.

First Harley stretched out, and allowed me to start working with my project. Then I started to unroll a length of ribbon so that I could cut the proper length, cut it and accessorize the cards.
But, Harley had other ideas and began swatting at the ribbon. No claws, just the soft pad of his paw, batting the ribbon and making it sway enticingly in front of his face. I don't mind him playing with my ribbon, but this was SU ribbon, so I took that roll away from him and located "his" string for him to play with instead.

In the meantime, Miss Harvest decides she is missing out on the fun and games, and joins Harley on the table. She decided that my pen rolls perfectly when she swats at it, and she proceeds to repeat her kitten cute playfulness with my pen until it finally rolls off of the table. Harvest then decides she wants to share Harley's string and she takes it from him.

Harley takes exception to that, and decides it is time for Cat WWF. Harley tackles Harvest and they tumble off of my table to the ground. Being cats they land on their feet and the chase is on.
"Safe" appears to be my scrap table as they take turns advancing and evading each other, and return time and time again to the warmth and brightness of the table.

Harvest tried to "hide" behind my rotating ink caddy, but even as she hides, she can not resist showing her cute little head and keeps popping out from behind the cover of the caddy to "see" where Harley is. Of course Harley being older and wiser was sitting just to the other side and immediately pounces on her.

Their antics kept me amused for at least 30 minutes and by that time, I had lost all focus on finishing my cards. The cats had paper, pens and ribbon knocked off of my table and my shelves - but do you think they offered to clean up their mess? Nope! Oh well, at least they had a good time, and I have to admit - I enjoyed watching their antics.

Do you have pets? Are you a sucker for their cuteness like I am?

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