Monday, March 9, 2009

It was a wonderful weekend!

Friday night Manda and I ran to the used bookstore; and then to Safeway. We came home and made a yummy (very simple!) dinner and just relaxed and enjoyed the evening with Russell.

Saturday was family breakfast morning. Russell and Manda made scrumptious bacon (I always burn it) while I did scrambled eggs with bell peppers, tomato, corn and onions. After breakfast, Manda to Russell to pick up the truck - the 77 Ford needed its very first clutch replacement after more than 110 thousand miles. Then Manda ran a few errands before coming home.

Saturday evening we joined Susie Immanschuch, and Alena Trimble at Strikes in Rocklin for dinner. Susie, Alena and I went to high school together. We have not seen each other in years and years, but we had a wonderful time catching up and getting to know each other all over again. Both of them are just as sweet and fun as I remember.

Sunday afternoon Manda and I headed over to hang out with Paula and Danielle. We spent a relaxing afternoon sharing great conversation and just enjoying the afternoon. Then it was off to Bible study for Paula (I am going to go with her one night,) and off to help Marla Ellis celebrate her birthday.

Marla is turning 40 this week. Her family really wanted to do something for her birthday, and as luck would have it - it is going to be a crazy week, so they decided to celebrate her birthday at John's Incredible Pizza. At 5:00 pm on a Sunday evening, the lines were actually not too bad, and the noise level was bearable.

Marla was joined by her mom, Marla's daughters Brittani (14) Madolyn (9) Brittani's best friend, my daughter Manda (16) Madolyn's best friend, Karissa (9) Marla's brother Fred and sister in law Dawn and their son Colin who is also 9, Marla's nephew Austin (16) Marla's boyfriend - Dave (who is really nice!) and myself.

It was a joyful bunch that crowded around the table sharing in the celebration. There was lots of good food, loud conversation and laughter. The kids enjoyed being able to use some of their energy in the game room, and the adults appreciated being able to share conversation.

It was a really busy weekend. Of course the things like laundry and cleaning house did not get done, but - oh well ----- I think we can get that caught right back up this week.

Happy Monday - hope your weekend was fun and that you are enjoying the bright sunshine outside today.


alice said...

Wow, you did a lot over the weekend! Glad you had a nice one... the laundry and housework will always be there.

Fink said...

Sounds like such a busy weekend! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! Hope I will make you stay interested! : ) Hugs, Fink

Paula W. said...

I hope you do join me, we started the book of Esther last week so you only missed the introduction. It is a fantastic Study by Beth Moore subtitles I's tough being a woman. Just let me know and I will pick you up. Love Ya!