Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello Monday!

It is a sunny, windy, and cold morning here in my little corner of the world. The sunlight is beautiful with its cheerful rays of light trying to embrace the morning in warmth. However, the wind is winning the war against warmth.

Yesterday, I was in the living room watching the cats. They were in the front windows, looking out and trying to catch the leaves which were blowing across their field of vision. Once in awhile, a leaf or twig, or other object would strike against the glass panes, causing the curious cats to jump back, hunker down and jump off the window sill, and run wildly through the house to try to figure where that noise came from. Then the other cat would give chase and WWF cat smack down would begin.

The cats are hilarious, and their simple pleasures of life make me laugh and smile. Whether they are sleeping or playing, sitting in our laps, or getting into mischief the cats entertain our family.

Simple, I know. But, I like that I can enjoy simple pleasures. I love the innocence of their play, the depth of their cat naps and the way they engage in conversation with their humans through their meows, purrs and other antics. I love that they have to be in the middle of everything we do.

I love being owned by our cats.

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