Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh my ....

I had no idea this cold was going to sneak up and smack me right along side the head. But it did, and life has been miserable this week. I tried to be strong and work through the couging and sore throat - but I caved in. I was weak. I allowed the misery to take over.

It has been several nights - since last Thursday - that I have had a good (Or even fairly decent) amount of sleep. I am exhausted, can not keep my train of thought focused, bored out of my mind, and restless. Not a good combination.

But I have a good feeling about tonight - and just as soon as Russell is home from work, and Manda is home from dance, I am off to bed.

Mr. Sandman - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could have a decent night of sleep, that would be wonderful.

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