Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why is it...

.... that my daughter had an appointment at the eye doctors this afternoon at 4:00 pm (we checked in a 3:45 pm) and she was not even called back into the offices until almost 4:30pm?

Why is it that most medical offices schedule their appointments so tightly together that there is no way they can possibly stay on time?

Why is it that most medical offices find it perfectly acceptable to be tardy by more than a half hour in seeing their patients?

Why is is that most medical offices will wait until they are late for your appointment, then call you back into their offices, put you in a room, and let you wait for an additional period of time before the medical professional finally has the time to see you?

Most medical professionals are highly intelligent people - who obviously care about their patients well-fare.... why don't the doctors all stand up against the medical group administrators and the insurance companies and allow better patient scheduling?

Why is it? Because -- it just is!

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