Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dream Makeovers - A Wish Fulfilled

I am so excited, I can barely contain myself!!!

Once in awhile something happens that is so exciting, so wonderful it makes you smile. Especially when the people it happens to are awesome people who deserve to have nice "things" happen to them.
A few months ago a family that Amanda and I are friends with had the opportunity to participate in a "Make A Wish." Nicole and Amanda have danced together for years.

Nicole is an amazing young lady. She is a gifted dancer with a talent and appreciation for the art of dance that entrances me when I see her on stage. She is a great student, a wonderful sister, and a caring person. Nicole is hard not to like. On top of all that .... Nicole has cystic fibrosis.

But that does not stop Nicole. Nicole enjoys life, laughter and facing challenges head on.

I could go on for hours about Nicole and her family - our family loves and admires them. They are a wonderful family. BUT ~ the entire point of my post is ......

Starting on page 69 is an article titled: A Wish Fulfilled

on page 70 is .............................................
Cathy Austin and Nicole Taipale

I went to the O Magazine website and the link for their article features a great picture of Cathy and Nicole:
Mind you this photo was taken at their photo shoot in New York, but I have to say - even in every day "real life" and not "all made up" both Nicole and Cathy are beautiful --- both inside and out. Love ya girls!

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