Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stephenie Meyer

is a wonderful author. And, I have to say a BIG "Thank you!" to my daughter, Amanda. It is her fault completely that I am now a big fan of Stephanie Meyer.

Thank you Amanda!

Manda started reading the "Twilight" series last year on the recommendation of her freshman english teacher. Manda was hooked instantly, but I had no interest in the series. A human, a vampire and a wolf .... yeah - okay .... I'll pass.

But then, "TWILIGHT" was due to be released in the theaters, and of course, Manda wanted to see it. I felt compelled to read the book at that point. I read about 1/2 of the book before the movie came out. We went to the movie the day after it was released, and after seeing this wonderful story on the big screen I was completely hooked and finished the rest of "TWILIGHT" before the weekend was over.

By Thanksgiving I had read all four books in the series.

Check out Stephenie Meyer's web site for information on the wonderful author, her books and other projects.

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