Sunday, December 7, 2008

I really do not like being sick

Russ was ill with the flu after Thanksgiving. I thought Manda and I would avoid it, but we did not. Both Manda and I started feeling yucky around Tuesday afternoon. Manda started feeling super cruddy Wednesday evening, and by 9 that evening, she was full on sick.

By Thursday Morning I felt almost as horrible as Manda - my whole body ached everywhere, I was nauseated, and food sounded horrible. Manda went to school, but came home after 1st period. We both spent the rest of the day between the restroom and trying to sleep. Notice I said trying because there was not much sleep that could happen as restroom trips were the main activity of the day.

Friday was better for Manda, and worse for me. Although she still could not think about food with out wanting to heave, Manda was able to go back to school. On the other hand, I was so dizzy it hurt to focus. Food was not an option. Sleep was a necessity that had been severely lacking.

Saturday was marginally better - the dizziness was mild, and food was started to be an option, as long as it was bland. I had sent Russ to the store on Friday to get all the ingredients for a roasted turkey and mashed potatoes - nutritious, not too heavy and bland enough that we'd be able to eat it.

Today was better and thankfully I was able to actually leave the house. Manda had a Christmas dance recital. Then we came home so she could catch up on homework.

I am still cautious around food, and feel like I have recently been ran over by a Smart Car, but I can tell I am on the road to recovery.

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