Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am a slave

.... to my cell phone. Yes, I am one of "those" annoying people who takes her cell phone everywhere, and relies on it for everything. However, I do have strict set of rules and manners that apply to public cell phone use. I know that no one else needs, wants or cares to share in my cell phone conversations, or text messages. Oh, I love texting!

I don't have a fancy, totally up to the moment, best of the best technology cell phone. I have a cell phone that is nice. It is not the perfect cell phone, but it does satisfy my needs. Except I can not assign personal ring tones to incoming text messages, and that annoys me. I am a customized ring tone addict. Donny Osmond, LeeAnn Rhymes, Sugarland, Reba, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Rehab and many more artists make my phone sound like a concert of happiness.

My cell phone has become an extension of me. I use my cell phone as my alarm clock, I set calendar reminders in it and use the tip calculator when out to dinner. I use the note pad to make grocery lists, keep track of Manda's dance numbers at recitals and other random reminders. I load music onto my cell phone and use it instead of an additional MP3 player. And,

My contact list is huge.

It is not that I "know" and talk to a lot of people, but I use my cell phone as my phone book. Every person I do know is listed in my cell phone. My daughters friend's numbers, along with all my co-worker's, and many of my husband's co- worker's numbers are in my contact list. I assign groups to all my contacts: Family, Friends, Manda's Friends, Dance, Co-Workers, School Contacts, Medical, Retail, Misc. If I have to contact 411 to get a number, I save that number to my cell also.

I am on my third blue tooth. My first and very favorite one apparently became a cat toy. Harley got it one night, and nearly two years later ~ he refuses to tell us where he batted it around to. He probably thought it was one of his stuffed mice.

I don't like the blue tooth stuck in my ear, but CA law requires it while driving, and I do like the extra added benefit of having my hands free even at home when I am working around the house or enjoying my craft room. I don't have to wear my bluetooth in Manda's car, it has the Sync system powered by Microsoft and, until she gets her license, I have been driving her sweet ride more than my own wonderful crossover.

Why is it that the teenager ended up with a better car than Mom and Dad??
Don't answer that one. Please.

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