Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Russ, Manda and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our newest family member on Friday, March 16.
I know, this may be a total surprise ~ after all you probably had no idea that we were expecting.

Neither did we.

How did we not know we are expecting?  Am I dense? Clueless? Are we crazy?  Russ is (almost) 55; I am (almost) 45 and our daughter is 19. It was just this week that we discovered that we will be adding to our family.

We could not be more thrilled and can barely contain our excitement and joy.

Do we even have a clue as to how are lives will change having a baby in the house? The sleepless nights? The worry that we are nurturing, properly caring for and properly loving this new part of our hearts?

Well, we are not crazy. I am not usually too dense and I try not to be clueless.

In our defense, we "knew" in our hearts that we were expecting. We may not have expected it to be this soon. But this is the right time, and by March 16, we will be ready. And we know our new baby is a girl. Her name is Carly.

   (photo courtesy of Rhonda K. Smith of Pine Forest Kennels)

Isn't she jus the CUTEST!!!!   Carly is a Beagle!  We love beagles and have been missing being a beagle family since our Sweet Kodi Girl passed away 3 years ago at nearly 17 years of age.

Finding a beagle pup is NOT easy; and finding a HEALTHY, HAPPY beagle pup raised by a RESPECTIBLE, HONEST, CARING wonderful breeder is even harder. But we are thrilled to say that we found Pine Forest Kennels  

Rhonda K. Smith is the amazing breeder who sees her beagles as family 1st and breeds them to share the love of beagles with others. Yes, she is a breeder. But she is NOT a puppy mill.

Carly will be 8 weeks old and ready to come to California on Friday, March 16.  She'll arrive on a Delta flight and we just can not wait to snuggle her and love her in person. We already adore her!

Once we get her home I 'll get lots more pictures and share them with you.

Welcome, Carly!!! We love you!

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Monique said...

She is adorable!! I just adopted a small poodle and she is the joy of my life. Congratulations!