Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cookie Monster

Poor Cookie Monster - Everyone wants to delete the cookies.

Can you image how the poor Cookie Monster must feel? He must feel horrible; like his whole world is crashing around him and there is just nothing to look forward to.

I wonder how many times our words are misunderstood and how mant times we accidentally bruise someone's heart and emotions?

Sometimes it is not what we say; but how we say it. And other times it is because we didn't think before we spoke. Contrary to the children's rhyme: words CAN and do hurt.

I have a friend who is currently battling depression and despair that stems from her childhood and her marriage to the wrong person. She can't get past the bruised feelings and damaged emotions. I pray for her daily but ~ I worry that she'll never rise above the pain and suffering. Her self confidence is her choice and she can choose to rise above the words that have shaken her foundation. She just does not believe she can.

We all need to remember that kind words and a gentle voice can bolster a person's self confidence.

Can we all make a vow to take just a second and pause before we open our mouths? We may not mean the hurtful words that are spoken but once they have been spoken it is hard to take them back.

May your day be filled with laughter and happiness; your heart beat with joy and may you know that you are loved and respected for the person that you are. God created you; you are perfect.

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