Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain, Rain Do NOT go away!

That's right! I love the rain! I love the sound of the rain falling, I love the fresh scent that rain leaves behind. I love the way it makes the ground look. I don't even mind the worms that appear when it is raining.

I am not fond of my teen-aged driver having to drive in the rain, but she is learning to be cautious and allow extra travel time. She doesn't mind driving in the rain.

The cats - well, they are not very impressed by the rain and the wind. In fact they are pretty freaked out by the combination of mass amounts of precipitation and the wind which screams across our back yard.

Russ doesn't like to work in the rain, and I can not say that I blame him for feeling that way.

But - still, I LIKE the rain.

So ...

Rain, Rain don't go away, stay to play another day!

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