Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year! ... and those silly things we do ...

First off ~~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope that our lord Jesus Christ will rain down His blessings upon your life this year. May He work within your life to provide you with all you need for true contentment and happiness.

So last night I decided that omelets sounded great for dinner. After all they are warm and tasty.

I concocted an omelet for Manda and slid it onto her plate - piping hot from the frying pan - it looked DELICIOUS! I was excited to start mine. I was hungry and the scent of the golden cooked egg with melted cheese and sausage was making my stomach growl and my mouth water.

Well, I should have reigned in my sensory overload ... and I might have realized sooner that I was holding the blazing hot ring of the metal pan (the connection piece between the actual pan and the safety cooled handle) on the side of my left hand. All of a sudden my left hand pointer finger felt like I had melted it clean off!

Yikes! So not smart of me. My finger has a 2 - 3 inch blister on it today, and it burns like heck. But - in the light of day it is pretty funny.

Oh and my omelet -- it didn't get made. I am left handed and could not use the pointer finger at all last night. But - I had great scrambled eggs with egg and sausage. My stomach was still satisfied.

Life - sometimes you just have to laugh at the silly things we do.

Have a great day!

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