Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas dream come true

Amanda has been wanting a KITCHENAID for what seems like forever. And, knowing how much she enjoys baking, cooking and creating tasty treats in the kitchen my hubby and I really  wanted to make that wish a reality.  But .... they are so expensive! 

I entered every contest possible to win one; but alas someone else hoping, wishing and dreaming of owning a wonderful KitchenAid took home each prize. 

My husband and I decided that even though we usually do not do retail Christmas (meaning we do NOT shop for our immediate family: My husband; my daughter and myself at Christmas time) and gifts that are given between the 3 of us are supposed to be handmade or other. (I always ask for the same two items: 1) that we decorate the tree together as a family; and 2) that we embrace and enjoy our family and friends during the Christmas season and enjoy special meal times together.) ......that although we don't do retail Christmas --- having a KitchenAid would be a dream come true for our 19 year old.

She is not a needy type of girl. She shops at WalMart and thrift stores; doesn't do name brands just because they are name brands and puts value in people and happiness. She is a great student and is doing really well in her first year at Sac State. (yes, I am a proud mom!)

So we decided that her dream needed to be come a reality!

Here is her reaction:

She was so excited!!!! And, she has used it every day since Christmas! She has baked butter cookies and pumpkin bread; made salad dressings and pancake mixes. We are so glad we made the investment in her passion for cooking.

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Undercover B!tch said...

I love her reaction. She has to sit down and take it all in. All-in-all Amanda deserves it. And we are enjoying her butter cookies here at the office!