Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

In just a few short days, my precious daughter will graduate from high school!

I am extremely proud of this young lady who God blessed my husband and I with. She is kind, intelligent, funny, caring, unique, shy, and truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. (Yes, there is maternal pride there, but there is also nothing but the truth in that statement.)

Kindergarten seemingly happened just a few short weeks ago. Third grade a week after that, sixth grade and then junior high wre all just last week. Only the day before yesterday Amanda was a freshman in high school ..... and now, this week in the time that it takes to blink, Manda will be a high school graduate.

Her road through life has never been easy, but it has been full of grace, love and laughter. Manda is shy by nature and (there is always one) is the kid who never really "fit" with the "in" crowd and became the target of bullying. Amanda herself over-came the bullying .... she just one day decided that those who weren't kind to her needed her forgiveness and for someone to believe in them. Not that she told them that. She just kept a smile on her face and concentrated on being the person SHE wanted to be.

Yes, I am a proud mom. She never let me fight her battles, but always allowed me to comfort her. She never allows me to hold a grudge, but always allows me to share a conversation about what she would do different.

When her classmates would tease her about being a good student, she would just smile and thank them.

Now, we have reached the end of the road. There have been bumps, twists, and turns. There have been happy days and days where happiness has been elusive. But through it all .... Manda has been a young lady to be proud of.

Celebrating her graduation this week is not just a celebration of her graduating from high school, but a celebration of who Amanda Christine is.

Congratulations sweet girl! Mom and Dad are EXTREMELY proud of you! You are a wonderful example of a life lived as Christ would have us live. Enjoy each and every moment of this week. You have worked hard to reach this point. The next stage of your life is just around the bend. I only hope it doesn't happen in a blink! (But I know it will!)

Love and hugs,

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