Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do you ever wonder ....

...... why the digital camera and the USB cord are never in your purse at the same time?

That is what I am wondering about today. Why is it that my digital camera is in my purse holding captive some really cute photos of my daughter (which I would like to post,) but the USB cord that I need to use to do so is not ever in the camera bag when I want it.

Hmmm.... I KNOW that the camera, my memory stick holder and the cord all fit in the little protective case that I bought for the camera and it's accessories. But, for what ever reason, the cord never gets put back in the case.

Guess I'll have to find the cord later.

Later .... what is the definition of later. It is later now than it was when I first typed the word later, but is it truly later, or is it not really?

Yes, I know - my brain and I are weird today.

Hope you are enjoying a happy day filled with moment that make you think, laugh, smile or reflect upon the simple things that make life special.

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