Monday, July 14, 2014

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yes, it is that time of year again. That time of year when I forget that I am (practically) a native and  have lived most of my entire life right here. I'm sure I sound pathetic when I whine about the heat when you consider with the exception of:

The first twelve months of my life when I lived in San Jose;
The 45 weeks of summer(s) I spent in Boise;
The 8 or 10 weeks of winter I spent in Boise;
The week of spring I spent in Hawaii;
The week of winter I spent in Europe;

I have spent my entire life in the valley. Yes, I am girl raised in the Sacramento Valley. I grew up playing in the sunshine and splashing in the rain. I have driven in fog so thick you couldn't see the steering wheel and I have felt the shake, rattle and roll of earthquakes. I've been through tornado warnings and hail the size of baseballs. I've survived floods and drought. I've even laughed in the rain and tried to capture snowflakes in my hand.

Sacramento pretty much has amazing weather. Until the heat is turned up. One year we had 30 days in a row with temperatures over 100*. Of course that preceded a winter with nearly 6 weeks of non-stop rain. The rain, the cold air. The crispness of a fresh morning as the day dawns wrapped in an icy splendor of crystalline mist clinging to roof tops and lawns --- everything looks so sleepy and magical. Even the wind doesn't bother me. Bring it on! Turn up the volume and let the thunder and lightening roll. 

Laughter in the rain I can do. Hot, hot, HOT I can not. I live with the ac cranked and popsicles at hand. Yes, I know it is going to be hot. I just really don't like the heat. I thrive in the cooler temperatures.

So, for those of you who are hot weather hounds ~~~ enjoy this time as you romp and play in the sun. Enjoy the warmth as it penetrates your soul and brings you happy joy. I wish you all the joy you can handle and all the blessings of the warm sun. Let the golden rays pour into you.

I will be sitting in the ac; trying not to complain too much as I enjoy a frozen popsicle or other icy cold treasure. Winter is coming. I'll hand you a sweater.  

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