Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spiritual Growth

Some time ago I was lead to make changes in my life. I put my life completely into the hands of my Creator and He lead me to a new path of exploration. With a confidence and peace only He could give me, I jumped into the waters at Bayside Church and began to see what He had for me. Since then I've completed Belong 101 and Grow 201 and joined a Small Group. I can see positive growth and maturity happening! I can see my relationship becoming more intimate and much more meaningful. I've been praying about increased faith for a long time. To see the rewards of me giving my life into His hands is awesomely humbling and uplifting!

My small group has been very instrumental in my growth. We started with a 5 week study of Francis Chan's "Multiply" after completing that we began a 6 week Beth Moore series on Deuteronomy. Our last class in the series is tomorrow (Tues.) evening. I'm going to miss my small group. They are an amazing group of ladies with... a depth of understanding that I have wanted but could not find. Where I was feeling lost and unsure; they have helped me to find my way.

Even my appreciation for church services and the messages and teachings I receive during weekly services has increased! I have always embraced the messages of my pastors and other wonderful speakers; but now I actually reflect upon the words that I hear and look at how they can be applied in my life.

I am humbled and blessed by how I have begun to adore reading the words of the Bible and how my comprehension has increased. Thank YOU Jesus for increasing my faith and giving me the greater understanding and passion to continue to learn Your word! I am humbled by Your response to my prayers! You met me right where I need You. 
I can not begin to thank Pastor Dan Nalley of Church of the Harvest for showing me what Christianity and passion look like. I can not thank him enough for being the Pastor that taught me about God and gave me the desire to have a passion for God and His Word. If not for him; I would not have even had a true foundation to build upon. My past foundations were build upon misconception and the agendas of others. Pastor Dan showed me a rock; and gave me the tools needed to begin building a house upon a rock.  

 "You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory."
Psalm 73.24 ESV
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