Monday, August 13, 2012

Small change; HUGE step of Faith

Sometimes you just have to step out in faith and go for a change. This was my weekend to do so and I embraced the change in a seemingly small way; but it was a HUGE step of faith for me.

My mom, brother Randy and myself. Dark brown hair; layers.

My Russell and I on our wedding day. Dark brown hair; subtle highlights; layers.

Amanda, Jill and Me. Amanda's graduation.
Dark brown hair,subtle highlights and layers

Carly's home coming day! March 16.
Dark brown hair; layers and blonde highlights.

August 11
BOLD! Mahogany Cinnamon; I've still got my layers!

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Eva said...

I absolutely LOVE it... I have been thinking about doing something similar but have been afraid! I love it and it looks really great on you!