Monday, July 23, 2012

Life - is so HAPPY and BUSY!

I used to blog daily; and I loved it. I used to stamp or craft weekly; and I loved it. I used to sit and read for hours and I loved it. I used to sit and watch tv for hours and I loved it. My house use to be spotless at all times; with everything just so; and I loved it.

Now we are busy with Carly, or on the go, or involved in an activity for church; or just being a family; and I love it!

Does that mean I don't miss all the things I used to love. NO! emphatically NO. It just means that I continue to grow and change as a person and that I am embracing life every step of the way.

I love having our sweet Beagle pup;  Greenslade's California Girl, Carly the Cutie. What a joy she is in our lives! At six months of age she requires our time and returns it with love and happiness. Each day is a wonder as we enjoy her and love her and play with her. Each day is a triumph as she learns / grasps a skill that we have been working on.

She is a playful, energetic, happy pup who loves to be Carly! She loves to go to Play class with her Paws in Progress canine friends. There she plays with other dogs who are being trained exactly like she is. Same commands; same trainer; same expectations. The dogs get to romp, run, jump, fetch, tumble, growl, bark, chase each other and use their muscles and minds to enjoy an hour of play time in a controlled setting of safety. It is AWESOME! Carly is the smallest in the group (every one else is either a Shepard, Dane, Rotty, Labradoodle, Pit etc.) but she keeps right up with the big dogs in energy and activity.

Amanda and I also take Carly to obedience classes where she is learning to be a wonderfully behaved; social; and well trained canine. By the time we are done with her training; Carly will be able to go everywhere with us and she'll be welcomed because she will be a dog with manners.

Although Carly is Russell's pup; she has chosen Manda as her person. It is super cute. Sissy (Manda) and lil Sissy (Carly) have a cute bond of love and affection.

Carly is looking forward to meeting her cousin, Katie in August. Katie arrives from Pine Forest Kennels on the 10th and Carly can't wait! Having a friend from her first home will be very special!

Evenings at home are spent in quality family time that has been so good for us! Since Manda was 9; she and I have been on the go and out the door at dance and Russ was left behind because of work. Now that Manda is not dancing; we are using the time at home to rebuild those bonds and remember that Love and Respect must be first and foremost in our home for happiness to reign supreme.

Love and Respect! I took a class early this year through COTH Highway at Church of the Harvest. This class reminded me that not only is loving my husband important; but that I need to respect him in order for him to love me even when I am not being respectful and loving.

This class has made a big difference in how I look at my husband and our marriage. We weren't in a troubled relationship and we remain happily in love; but I think this class gave me the opportunity to be a better wife; a better mother and a better friend.

Funny, I started out to just post a quick update and I've already written a small novel.

I hope you are having a blessed day and that you know that you are loved and valued.

Happy Monday! I'll see  you again soon!

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Eva said...

Hi Robin... Sounds like you all are doing great with Carly and having a good life! I am so happy to hear that. Family is one of the most important relationships we can have here on earth and you are right they need constant and true nurturing love and respect! have a great day!