Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthdays ....

should always be special.

Seriously. A birthday is a celebration of life and gives one an opportunity to express their appreciation of the person who is having a birthday.

Last week my daughter turned 18. What an amazing young woman she is! Amanda is a well-rounded, well balanced child. Her sense of humor makes me crack up and her intelligence makes me reach higher. Manda is far more intelligent than I could ever hope to be. I was a good student and worked hard to keep my GPA in the 3.00 - 4.00 range, but math and science were subjects I could barely fathom. Amanda - she is a whiz at science and math her brain is for more adept at complex theories and solutions. I barely made it through geometry alive (with 3 tutors!) while Manda is taking Calculus AB. Yes, she is challenged by it but she makes it seem so easy.

Amanda has panache. She is her own person with her own style and her own sense of what is important to her and what really does not matter. I admire her. With all my heart and soul, I admire the woman my daughter is.

Another great Scorpio that I admire is Jill. Today we celebrated Jill's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love this woman. She is principled, loving, kind, intelligent, funny ..... I could go on, but finding the words to express my appreciation for Jill is like me trying to walk on an ant barefoot with out squashing it to death --- you might think about it, but it is impossible.

Jill has taught me so much about grace under pressure. About putting others needs and wants above my own desires. She has taught me that it is okay to allow others to shine while remaining in the background. And, she has taught me that it is okay to be myself and to celebrate who I am. She admires people who are true to themselves.

While being intelligent and focused and determined, Jill is also tender and caring. I love this woman! It is those little things she does: calling me if I am sick, sending me a funny text while sitting across the desk from me at the office, listening to her talk to the dogs as she shares a snuggle with them. The way she honors the special moments in every one's life. Even when her special moments often get decimated.

I am so blessed that my child was born the same week as Jill and that Manda has been able to be influenced by the person Jill is. I would walk through fire for Jill, and I know that she would do the same for me.

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite Scorpio women! Thank you both for being who you are. I love you!

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